Flights to Bali Booked!

Flights to Bali Booked!

Bali Booked

Flights Booked, Bali Booked.

Ahh feels great to have finally booked this flights! Although I’m booking many months in advance, it’s good to do so because:

a) Now there is no backing out!

b) Flights are cheapest booking 4-5 months in advance for long haul flights (unless there is a sale of course)

c) I can finally put my mind to rest that I don’t need to spend another long dreadful winter in…

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Slowly saying Bye to Summer 2014

Slowly saying Bye to Summer 2014

Best Swim wear & Bikinis

It’s almost time to say Good bye to summer of 2014

As usual this season flew by before we knew it was all over!

My summer was VERY quiet this year. In total 2014 has probably been the most quiet year for me of all times – however it’s ok, as I planned it to be this way.

The Mediterranean hot spots are now packing up and no jet setters are left to be seen. Only Ibiza is semi happening right now,…

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Never settling for a douche ever again

Never settling for a douche ever again

Finding True Love

I might have written bits and pieces about this topic before, but I’ve lately had to give another hard thought to my love life and choices in men. 

Most of us girls have some kind of messed up programming in us making us pick the wrong men! We know we shouldn’t, but we still keep on doing it over and over again. 

Finding True Love

When I was growing up, being a teenager, I wasn’t very popular in school so I…

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My Plans for Winter

My Plans for Winter

My plans to Escape Winter 2015

Oh no! It’s september and officially FALL! Can you imagine how fast this summer went? Incredible! I’ve already started to eat D-vitamin tablets just to prep myself for not seeing any sunshine for a while. How depressing, right? :)

BUT! I’ve made serious winter plans for myself and for some of you who know me – I’m a woman of my word! So I’m gonna leave Europe and chase the sun this winter…

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The Power of Habit - How to Break it!

The Power of Habit – How to Break it!

How to break old bad habits I’m in love with my new lifestyle!

It’s been over a month since I’ve started my lifestyle 2.0. Finally I can feel the new habit slowly kicking in.

What do I mean with that?

The reason it feels like such a pain in the ass to get in shape & become a healthy person – is because it’s required the opposite action from your current habit (and that feeling is always a little bit annoying).

To do the…

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Terrible Sunday, Great Monday!

Terrible Sunday, Great Monday!

Jet set Babe Fashion Blog

What a terrible day I had yesterday.

It was one of those days when you enter a cloud of fights, tears and other emotional drama leaving a dark energy field over the rest of the day.

I guess we all need to have these type of chaotic days once in a while to stir around a bit in our lives and makes us grow.

I just wish I could say I can be balanced enough to not get deeply…

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Happy cause it’s the Weekend!

Happy cause it’s the Weekend!

Jet set Weekend

Happy Weekend to Everyone!

I’ve had a very productive working week! 10-12 hours in front of the computer everyday simply cause I’m enjoying what I’m doing so much. However I’m no superwoman and admit I felt a bit tired today. Took a little “day off” just resting my brain but this is the privilege I have to get used to working for myself! I love it! Life is amazing when you don’t feel like a…

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Why everyone must detox from sugar!

Why everyone must detox from sugar!

How to detox from sugar

I did a proper sugar detox this summer when I didn’t eat anything with obvious sugars (sweets etc) and hidden sugars (more less everything that is processed food).

I kept mainly a plant based vegetarian diet, many days I was eating vegan. And gluten free. A whole food type of nutrition where I cooked all my foods from scratch and tried to consume as much organic products as possible.

I would say…

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The Yachting Experience

…Enjoy it while you can, cause summer 2014 is almost over! The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience The Jet set Yachting Experience The Jet set Yachting Experience

The Jet set Yachting Experience


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What happens after the age of 30+?

What happens after the age of 30+?

What happens to Jetset Babes when they retire

I want to continue the post I made about The truth of Free Jet set Trips. We had a good discussion in the comments section, and there are some comments I’d like to share in this post and raise a new topic:

What happens to the Jet set Babe after the age of 30+ ? Does she get her happy ending? What happens to Jetset Babes when they retire Who is she?

There are different types of Jet set Babes as I hope you understand by reading my blog.In…

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Wish List Wednesday Week 35

Wish List Wednesday Week 35

Wish List WednesdayLuxury Designer Items

End of August and time to think about the colder times ahead. Fall / Winter collections are out in store and very much on my to buy list. I will most probably not buy these particular items since I’m on a strict budget this year, but it’s great gathering inspiration from these items to try and find something similar in high street shops.

Balmain Leather Jacket -OMG, this jacket should go on the…

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Dolce & Gabbana Floral Print 2014

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Print 2014

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Print

…has been seen on most of the Jet set Babes around. The italian duo has really done well this…

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Bored of negative people

Bored of negative people


I have a friend who has been trying to meet up with me for a while now. I don’t feel like meeting up with this person because I find her to be way too negative. I really like her as a person, and from time to time when I don’t get bothered by the constant complaining, gossiping or other pity party activities - I really enjoy her company.

It’s just that at the moment I’m in a really good place.I…

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Budget Babe is Back!

Budget Babe is Back!

Budget Babe Bargain Finds

After many requests I’ve decided to bring back my “Budget Babe” category where I recommend budget items that Jet set Babes would wear. There are tons of clothes & shoes out there in high street fashion stores which look more expensive than they are – if combined properly or selected with an eye for detail. Although I’ll continue blogging about the designer gear…

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Budget Babe loves Day Dresses

Budget Babe loves Day Dresses

Budget Babe Bargain Alert

Budget Babe Day Dresses

Today on the Budget menu we have Day dresses. They are perfect for bargain shopping as together with a designer hand bag, matching footwear and expensive styling – you can’t really tell the price of the dress!

1. Pleated Dress £50.00 $96.74

2. Shirt Dress With Belt £40.00 $77.39

3. Dress in Cut Out and Embroidery £70.00 $135.43

4. Layered Cami Dress £90.00 $174.12

5. Skater Dress With Ribbon…

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