Enjoying Summer, Life is NOW

Enjoying Summer, Life is NOW

Jet set Babe Blog


It’s summertime, and I’m lovin’ it!

I’m currently working my last days at work, then on friday I’m finally FREE. :)

I’m also spending this time by prepping myself & reading a lot of books about becoming successful, finances, self improvement etc as I want to maximize my potential in my business.

Slow summer days are perfect for reading inspirational books,as to be honest –

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Ramona Filip

Who is this stylish woman from Instagram, inspiring daily thousands of followers with her chic & elegant style? Her name is Ramona Filip:



Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona FilipRamona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona FilipRamona FilipRamona Filip 

This is Ramona Filip,

One of my favorite fashionistas on Instagram right now! I love her sense of fashion and the amazing outfits she compile, it’s such inspiration to check everyday what Ramona is wearing,…

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Miu Miu Crystal Heel Sandal

Miu Miu Crystal Heel Sandal

Miu Miu Crystal Heeled Sandals


Miu Miu Crystal Heeled SandalsMiu Miu Crystal Heeled Sandals Miu Miu Crystal Heeled Sandals Miu Miu Crystal Heeled Sandals Miu Miu Crystal Heeled Sandals Miu Miu Crystal Heeled Sandals

Miu Miu Crystal Heeled Sandals


Miu Miu Crystal Heeled Sandals


Miu Miu Crystal Heeled Sandals

Miu Miu Crystal Heeled Sandals,

Such piece of art :) I love these heels – especially in the skin/nude pink tone in satin. Niiiiceeee… Me likey.

But the only thing Me likey not so much is the price tag: $1,668 or £967 :( You’ll find them here if you have dineros. 

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Learn To Handle Your Emotions

Learn To Handle Your Emotions

How to deal with emotions


Finally Saturday! During this entire week I’ve been an emotional Duracell bunny, fighting battles with all those feelings that started to evoke since I got interested in this guy. (tell you later)

Unfortunately my “problem” is that I’m naturally a very emotional character,

so when applying strong emotions like love – It becomes a little bit too much for me to handle.…

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Summer is the Golden Time for Jet set Babes

Summer is the Golden Time for Jet set Babes

Luxury Blog Jet set Babe

The Jet set Babes.

What an interesting topic in a way.

The life of the average Jet set Babe is so fascinating to people. The girls who always travel, only seen in luxury environments and hang with A-listers. Sounds like fun right?

It is a fun life, a lot of things going on and the feeling of being special in a way. Like “only for selected people & I’m there”.

Luxury Blog Jet set Babe

I do encourage girls to go for this…

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Jet Set Peak Summer

Jet Set Peak Summer

This is it, Jet set PEAK summer has officially begun!

July until mid/end August – spots like St Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, Capri, Amalfi coast, Positano, San Remo, Portofino, Porto Cervo, Ibiza, Marbella, Santorini, Mykonos etc… will all be crowded of our Jet set Babes!

Europe = and especially the Mediterranean is the place to be during the summer!





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Eat Organic, Prevent Cancer

Eat Organic, Prevent Cancer

Eat Organic Food


What a perfect Sunday!

I woke up early in the morning, well rested of course (as I went to bed at 11 pm on a saturday night, crazy party girl I am) – and I went down to the farmers market to do my weekly shopping.

Each sunday I have a market 5 min away from my house. Yet I’ve been a lazy enough to never pay a visit, and instead go to my supermarket buying foods…

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Because We CAN

Jetset Babe Qoute

Actually, yes… I can.

Everything happens in the mind. Everything starts in the mind. The big creator is not an outside force. The big creator is Me. I rule my life. I’m owning it.

The feeling when you know you are the master of your destiny. The feeling when you know your actions are the beginning of your dream life.

When you choose to not stay passive.When you take the lead. The lead of your…

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Why Lace is the Hottest Fashion Right Now

Why Lace is the Hottest Fashion Right Now

Lace, Yeah baby.

This fabric has been around for centuries, but it’s hotter than ever this season! Open HELLO magazine and every queen, princess, duchess etc is seen wearing something pastel & lace. But Jet set Babes wear lace in all kinds of colors and shapes. Just take a look below.

You don’t need to go “all lace” in order to spice things up a little bit.A simple outfit with some touch of lace…

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Take Responsability for Your Life

Take Responsability for Your Life

How to Improve Your Life

My friend recommended a good book to me “How to get from where you are to where you want to be” by Jack Canfield. It’s such a good book giving me some reality checks. One of the first chapters is called “Take 100% Responsibility for your life” and it hit me just right on the spot. 

I’ve always thought I take good responsibility for my life, because I can be quite ambitious and dream big dreams.…

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20 Ways to Look Good Wearing a Hat

20 Ways to Look Good Wearing a Hat

Summer Hat Fashion by Jet set Babes

Wear a hat this summer to protect your hair & scalp from the sun! Hats of this kind are probably the hottest accessories for this season, simply because we can’t use them during fall or winter. So take the opportunity to get yourself a “Panama Hat” for the beach or why not something more glamorous they wear for Royal Ascot? Be creative and don’t be afraid of…

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My new lifestyle 2.0

My new lifestyle 2.0

Healthy Lifestyle Change


Last year was the beginning of a the biggest life change within myself.

For those readers who were reading the blog back then remember I was writing a lot about working out / cutting out carbs & being on a diet. That was just before I hit an extreme party phase which lead to self destruction, stupid actions & a lot of emotional stress. Eventually I hit some kind of…

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Back in Monday Work Mode

Back in Monday Work Mode

Jet set Babe

Another Week, Another Monday :)

After having a fantastic weekend and feeling as balanced as Buddha – I can actually put myself to have a very productive Monday. Usually I’m feeling tired & unbalanced after a hectic weekend, making me in slow motion mode on a Monday (not getting much done).

But today I have several errands to run, catch up on emails etc & just sort out my to do list that has been…

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5 Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt

5 Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt

Bold & Beautiful:

How to wear a Maxi Skirt

Semi Open: How to wear a Maxi Skirt


Boho with a matching top: How to wear a Maxi Skirt


Maxi skirt + t shirt: How to wear a Maxi Skirt


Fitted Maxi Skirt: How to wear a Maxi Skirt


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Q&A: How normal girls turned in to Jet set Babes

Q&A: How normal girls turned in to Jet set Babes

How to Become a Jet set Babe Question: Could you please do more posts that tells the story about how some not so rich girls turned into jetsetbabes?

Answer: Let me try and brake this down in a simple way. The answer is very simple.

1) If you don’t have money of your own but become wealthy one day it’s down to:

a) You created your own wealth

b) You found someone wealthy who would share his finances with you

Obviously most of…

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